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This image popped up on my phone. A haunting image from one of the Colour photo shoots a few yrs back. I think the year we themed the gathering “Wind in Her Sails”. Part of this shoot was on NZ’s now infamous volcanic island that tragically claimed the lives of too many recently. For anyone who suffered loss that day, my deepest sympathy. I watched the doc about that ominous day & am inspired by the courage of those who survived. For those who don’t know this moment, the island is now closed to general public.

This image however exemplifies the courage & godly tenacity of those who walk thro life’s turbulent places. All hell might be swirling around you, but we walk (as the book and life of Daniel and his companions record) with “Another in the fire”. We walk with the Spirit of God alongside -

the Angel of the Lord - who does the fighting for us.

I know the heat of spiritual battle, as does my husband & family. As do many who are walking thro their own battles - yet, as always, I am pretty sure the terrain, obstacles and fire are to PROVE FIRSTHAND HIS PRESENCE & TO PROVE OUR FAITH WITHIN THAT LANDSCAPE.

I have drafted several possible posts these last few days, yet this one, I will post. GOD is refining with fire. Trials and tribulations (as James teaches) are for a purpose. Each test may look different, but the end matter or goal is the same — that GOD IS FAITHFUL, HIS WORD & JUDGMENTS ARE PURE AND RIGHTEOUS ALTOGETHER & HE IS THE WIND WITHIN OUR SAILS.

The Kingdom of God is never gonna be “without noise”. Chatter, opinion, the taunts & lies of the enemy, & the Pharisee spirit that is brutal. Yet always remember His Word & words within our spirit are what determine the journeys outcome.

The seven letters to the seven (then existing) churches in Revelation, exhort listen. “Listen to the Wind words blowing through the churches”. Not the words of man, nor critic, nor sideline-observers, but listen to His Spirit. They will always point to JESUS — to His KINDNESS AND MERCY.. to HIS GRACIOUS NATURE.. to HIS SALVATION IN CHRIST.. to LOVE AGAPE.. to our common DESTINATION, HEAVEN.

Be blessed.

— Bobbie

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