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a snapshot of their journey and ministry thus far


“In August 1983, as a young couple still in their twenties, Brian and Bobbie Houston pioneered a new church plant on the outer edge of Sydney’s growing northwest.  It was called Hills Christian Life Centre, which would later be renamed Hillsong Church.  It was amongst six other churches that they pioneered in the same time frame of the early 80’s.  Most of those churches remain vibrant and thriving, with land, buildings and facilities that bear testimony to the foundations they were built upon. 


The church plant in the Hills District of Sydney won their affection, and with a young family in tow, it became the focus of their passion and sense of calling.  Adhering from the outset to an uncompromised Gospel and a desire to preach the Word of God in a manner that transforms the everyday lives of everyday people - the atmosphere of this pioneer endeavour was young, vibrant, life giving, contemporary and innovative in approach. It quickly began to flourish with salvations to Jesus Christ being a distinctive that many from far and wide were drawn to. 


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